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WordPress Developers

At Hvantage Technologies Inc., we have experts at WordPress development. As active members of the WordPress community, our programmers, designers, and enthusiasts have been continuously contributing to the success of this venerable CMS platform. With an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the platform, our developers have laid the groundwork for success for global online brands using WordPress. As a result, we have been able to position ourselves as a leader in WordPress development Contingent Staffing.

Our WordPress Developer Contingent Staffing offerings

The WordPress developers at Hvantage Technologies Inc. are highly passionate about their job. They love to take on challenges and create solutions that help our clients reach the heights of online success.

Our staffing solution for Web developers include -

  1. Part-time WordPress Developers
  2. Full-time- equivalent (FTE) WordPress Developers
  3. Short-term WordPress Developers
  4. Long-term WordPress Developers
  5. Contracts with Option-to- hire
  6. Direct Recruiting for WordPress Developers
  7. Specialty Staffing for WordPress Developers

Our WordPress Development Expertise

Each member of our WordPress Development and Staffing team comes with special skills, industry experience and knowledge. Our IT staffing for WordPress developers consists of certified WordPress specialists, knowledgeable in the following verticals -

  1. WordPress Programming
  2. WordPress Theme Development
  3. Content Management

Our workforce can assist you with:

  1. Theme design and development
  2. Plugin customization
  3. e-commerce and online sales reporting development
  4. Payment gateway integration
  5. Social integration with WordPress
  6. Superior search engine optimization
  7. Superior search engine optimization
  8. Schema development to support rich snippets
  9. WordPress content development
  10. Multilingual support
  11. HTML5 and CSS3 support

Why Hire WordPress Developers from Hvantage Technologies Inc.?

Performance has always been a key concern for us. Hiring our WordPress Developers and designers would give you the following set of advantages:

  1. Periodical customer reporting and task monitoring
  2. Complete work transparency
  3. Source code security with non-disclosure agreement
  4. Spam filtration and delivery
  5. Standard development methods using the latest technologies
  6. Fresh and unique designs
  7. Instant communication whenever requested
  8. Client has complete control over the project development process
  9. Affordable rates and cost saving packages
  10. Feature-rich plugins within your budgets
  11. A lifetime of relationship!

Why choose Hvantage for your contingent IT workforce?

The resources in the workforce at Hvantage Technologies Inc. consists a large number of qualified software engineers with expertise in Java-based software development projects. They will bring to your development an outstanding level of competence and motivation.

When requirements are immediate and recruitments are slow

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