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DCNPL Hills Vistaa
DCNPL Hills Vistaa

Email Resources

Email has now become an important way of information transmission and customer relationship management. Thus, many organizations are outsourcing their non-voice call focus needs, including Email support Service. We offer Email support resources for Technical and in addition to non-technical products and services.

Contingent Workforce Solutions is a leading global staffing provider of email support services for Technical and Non-Voice Technical Support. Our email support workforce solutions is excellent for your enterprise’s.

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How can offshore business email support service resource help me?

  1. Answering your customers' email queries promptly, efficiently and accurately will increase your bond with your customer.
  2. Offshore business email support services resource empowers you to balance the load among on and off-crest periods by up/downscaling the measure of resources.
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In what manner will this workforce work?

  1. we will create a knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers in collaboration with the needs and requirements of our customers. We will train our resources with these knowledge base in advance. We have thoroughly trained resources who are well familiarized with the client's processes, products, and services. Answers provided by our well-trained and highly competent resources are clear, consistent and complete which will increase customer satisfaction and reduce follow-ups.
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Industries That We Serve

  1. Retail
  2. Software / IT / ITES
  3. Broadcasting
  4. Food
  5. Online Printing
  6. Healthcare
  7. Real Estate
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We can serve you resources for your any offering

  1. Our resources can be deployed for business email support services such as-
  2. Our resources can be deployed for business email support services such as-
    1. Customer care
    2. Technical support
    3. Order fulfilment
    4. Verification
    5. Complete query resolution
    6. Resolving escalated cases
    7. E-mail and voice blasting services

Why have resources for email support services from Contingent workforce Solution?

    Contingent workforce solution has established itself since 2011 in the field of IT & Service outsourcing and has even gained competencies in other channels. We have proficient staff who controls scale with complexity and have earned an image for unwavering quality assistance in the circle of staffing support. We are mainly focused on enrichment of customers' experience, with a quick, cost-effective one-stop solutions. We deliver the best email customer support resources in the industry, With a very intensive control process. Our experienced professionals are trained deeply about your products and services on non-voice technical support. We provide 24/7 services.

When requirements are immediate and recruitments are slow

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