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DCNPL Hills Vistaa
DCNPL Hills Vistaa

Translation Services Resources

Translation Services Resources

Hvantage provides high-quality & skilled translators in various languages. We are able to offer high-quality translators round the clock, any day, any time due to a community of skilled Translators from completely different countries.

Multiple Foreign Language Experts Document Translation Service

  1. Medical & Healthcare Documents
  2. Literary Documents
  3. Business Plans
  4. Handbooks
  5. Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates
  6. Website Content
  7. Brochures and Catalogs
  8. Legal Contracts
  9. Software Content
  10. Certificates
  11. Marketing Brochures
  12. Project Reports
  13. Training and Instruction Manuals
  14. Technical and Scientific documents

Website Translation Service Business Translation Service

  1. Business Correspondence / Emails
  2. Marketing Collaterals
  3. Software Translation
  4. Public Relations Translation
  5. Translation of Meeting Minutes
  6. Sales Copies
  7. Website Content
  8. Intra-Company Memos
  9. Financial Statements
  10. Conference Speeches
  11. Agendas
  12. Legal Documents
  13. Medical Records
  14. Advertising Messages
  15. Intranet Translation and Localization
  16. Policy Documents
  17. Health and Safety Information
  18. Press Releases
  19. Fact Sheets
  20. Focus Group Transcripts / Interviews
  21. Technical Documents

Financial Translation Service

  1. Bookkeeping Records
  2. Financial Statements
  3. Bank Statements
  4. Stock Exchange News
  5. Economic Reports
  6. Summaries and Detailed Statements of Balance Sheets
  7. Statutory Financial Statements
  8. Reports of Financial Analysis
  9. Consolidated Accounting Records
  10. Sales Brochures For Banks and Insurance Companies Annual Reports
  11. Insurance Documents and Other Financial Documents

Legal Translation Service

  1. Contract Translation
  2. Foreign Legal Text Translation
  3. Intellectual Property and Patent Translation
  4. Registration Document Translation
  5. Arbitration Translation
  6. Correspondence Translation
  7. Legal Dictionary-Of-Terms Translation
  8. License Translation
  9. Annual Report Translation
  10. Legal Dictionary-Of-Terms Translation
  11. Legal Marketing Translation
  12. Witness Statement Translation
  13. Expert Report Translation
  14. Translation of Official Documents such as Articles of Association
  15. Translation of Wills
  16. Immigration / Naturalization Documents Translation
  17. Litigation Related Documents Translation
  18. Property Documents Translation

Retail Industry

  1. Brand Dynamics
  2. Category Trends
  3. Out of Stock Analysis
  4. Sales Analysis
  5. Lifetime Value Analysis
  6. Promotional Effectiveness

Foreign Language Translation Service

  • Text to Text Process
  • Voice to Text Process

Personal Translation Service

  1. Application Forms
  2. Bank / Financial Statements
  3. Birth and Death Certificates
  4. Business Cards and Flyers
  5. Adoption Forms
  6. Divorce Documents
  7. Emails
  8. Employment Letters
  9. Immigration Documents
  10. Insurance Documents and Claims
  11. Legal Claims and Issues
  12. Legal Documents
  13. Marriage Certificates
  14. Medical Bills and Records
  15. Personal Letters
  16. Property Documents
  17. Tax related Documents
  18. University Degrees

Your Translator partner

In order to ensure accuracy in translation, we don't just hire people who are bilingual, we hire people who are interested, belongs to same domain, have some prior knowledge of the topic. In addition to accuracy, timely and cost-effective translators at competitive prices, we also offer:

  1. Freedom from retaining the translators once your job is done
  2. Freedom from salaries when the translator is not working
  3. Freedom from the long recruitment process every time a new translator is required

Why Hvantage for hiring translators??

We are the quickest providers of skilled translators across the world. We provide people with expertise & interest in translation. Our workforce has translators from various countries across the globe and their availability is always guaranteed.

When requirements are immediate and recruitments are slow

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