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DCNPL Hills Vistaa
DCNPL Hills Vistaa

Research Resources

While Lead generation to increase numbers of business opportunities the essential tasks could be Email gathering, Website & product research, Get on podcasts, blogs, and webinars and these tasks could be for short time. It becomes difficult to hire people for such short tasks and then have them again when a new research has to be done.

We offer contingent resources and workforces to carry out all research tasks as and when needed without hassle of retaining the professionals. We can serve you for all your research requirements. To know more about domains in which we can provide resources, please scroll down

International Market Research

  1. Industry Research and International Trend Analysis
  2. Identifying New Markets and Potential Foreign Business Partners
  3. Macroeconomic Research for PESTAL/PORTER’S Analysis
  4. Primary and Secondary Data Collection
  5. Branding and Marketing Research for Market Plan Development
  6. Competitor Analysis and Market Size Research
  7. Country Attractiveness Ranking

Financial Research

  1. Equity Research
  2. Credit Research
  3. Retail Brokerage Research
  4. Derivatives Offshoring
  5. Commodities Research
  6. Retail Risk Analytics
  7. Private Wealth Management
  8. Fundamental Analytics
  9. Asset Management Support

Media Research Service

  1. News
  2. Public Affairs Content
  3. Sports
  4. Sponsorships
  5. Advertising
  6. Video/Audio News Releases
  7. Product Placement
  8. Use of Copyrighted Video/ Audio
  9. Infomercials and Billboards

How our resources stand out from the crowd?

Our resources aren't just the job seekers but they are tactfully recruited professionals who are hired carefully on the following parameters:

  1. Interest
  2. Curiosity
  3. Self-motivation
  4. Open-mindedness
  5. Flexibility
  6. Awareness of what's worthwhile
  7. Methodological
  8. Familiarity with data

Business Research Service

  1. Business plans
  2. Online Business Research
  3. Business Competitor Analysis
  4. Industry Profiling and Analysis
  5. Business Report Writing
  6. Database Creation Services
  7. Primary & Secondary Research
  8. Country Analysis and Risk Assessment
  9. SWOT and PESTEL Analysis
  10. Target Screening
  11. Market Sizing Studies
  12. Business Development Support

Business Analytics Service

  1. Visual Analytics
  2. Predictive Analytics
  3. Survey Analytics
  4. Risk Analytics
  5. Retail Analytics
  6. Contact Center Analytics
  7. Collections Analytics
  8. Financial Analytics
  9. Text Analytics

Pharmaceutical Research Service

  • ●R&D, Intellectual Property and Open Innovation
  • ●Competitive Intelligence
  • ●Market Intelligence
  • ●Business Development and Licensing.
  • ●Patent Search
  • ●KOL's
  • ●Partners Searches
  • ●Database Creation
  • ●Web Mining
  • ●Data Analyses
  • ●Branding and Positioning Analysis
  • ●Physician and Medical Practitioners Research

When requirements are immediate and recruitments are slow

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Hvantage Technologies Inc. delivers exceptional software solutions and support services to its clients using its proven onsite & offshore engagement model. We have decades of cumulative experience (within the resources) in the outsourcing and offshoring space.

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