About Contingent Workforce Solutions

Contingent Workforce Solutions have effectively helped various companies which are at a very early stage or are matured Consumer- facing ones with their scaling and retention of enormous resources.

Our mission has always been helping companies to meet their operational challenges which generally is the top-most reason that halts the scaling process. We try to become your sensible enablers by enhancing client experience at all stages.

Customer Support Workforce: Immediate attention with satisfactory reviews are the key to a successful Customer experience and support services. We promise to deliver accurate and skilled workforce, which will guide to escalate your business no matter what the channels are.

Back Office Operation Workforce: The key to a satisfied clientele is the productive execution happening at the back office, which generally comprises of administration and support services which are not client-facing.

Development Staffing: The development is never continuous and thus retaining the expert resources become difficult unless multiple projects are acquired.

We are efficient in providing individuals and teams! Contingent Workforce Solutions that we offer are:

  • Freelancers on a À la carte basis
  • Consultants to drive processes better
  • Replacement Employees to smooth out the absence of an injured/pregnant employee
  • Temporary Workers for quick and short projects
  • Part-Timers for short period regular tasks
  • Contractors to accomplish long/short terms tasks
  • Outsourced Workers paid and managed by a third party
  • W2 Employees paid hourly via staffing firms’ payroll
  • Start-up Staff to accelerate the growth of your new venture