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DCNPL Hills Vistaa
DCNPL Hills Vistaa

Contingent Workforce Solutions

What are your expectations with a contingent workforce provider? That the talent delivered to you should result in right for your organization, right? And for us, fulfilling your expectations is the most important thing. So, contingent workforce solution delivers your enterprise envisioned, embarked, and experienced resources.

Our Contingent Workforce & Virtual Assistant Solutions

Our fields of delivering talents are:

Our contingent workforce services address you with enormous staffing options:

  1. Full-Time Equivalent (FTE): Here, we will provide you a full-time worker, working 8 hours for five days a week.
  2. hort Term Assignment (STA): In this case, we will deliver you a special skilled staff for a temporary assignment.
  3. Long Term Assignment (LTA): This professional will work on your project for a long time ensuring successful completion of a project.
  4. Consulting: We will hire consultants for either full-time or part-time basis.
  1. Part Time: We will delegate staff requiring low maintenance commitment.Specially Staffing: Include specific staff for private and strength venture.
  2. Specially Staffing: Include specific staff for private and strength venture.
  3. Direct Hire Recruiting: Hire an accomplished proficiently for your business desire.
  4. Contract with option to desire: Hire resources with great communication skills on the legally binding basis, and reward them with work if they are the deserving candidate for your business.

What We Offer

We are efficient in providing individuals and teams! Contingent Workforce Solutions that we offer are:

Freelance Workforce Services - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

on a À la carte basis

Workforce Consultants - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

to drive processes better

Temporary staffing solutions - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

to smooth out the absence of an injured/pregnant employee

Temporary Employees  - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

for certain period of time

Temporary Workers - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

for quick and short projects

Part-Time Workforce - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

for short period regular tasks

Contractor Workforce - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

to accomplish long/short terms tasks

Outsourced Workers - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

paid and manged by a third party

W2 Employees - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

paid hourly via staffing firms' payroll

Offshore Staffing - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

to perform your business function

Customer Support Assistant - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

to ensure your customers never feel unheeded

Virtual Assistants - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

for tasks that do not require physical presence

Remote Resources - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

working from distant location engaging & managing through internet

Technical Support Assistant - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

to provide technology based solutions

Workforce Development Support Services - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

for all your mobile app/web app development

Startup Staff Workforce - contingentworkforce.solutions - USA

to accelerate the growth of your new venture

Our Advantages :

The accomplishment of your desires is WHAT WE DESIRE. We ask our Available Developers to schedule a demo for your convenience. We offer predictive analytics, real-time insights, and global visibility. Some of our advantages are :

  • Freedom for installment amid vacillations.
  • Freedom for imposing an obligation, remunerate, reward, pay, and paid-off.
  • Guaranteed work quality since specialists is masterminded to deal with the assignment.
  • Infra, stationery, and asset costs are spared.
  • Geology doesn't turn into an obstruction.
  • More noteworthy Flexibility since you don't need to hold them for long.
  • Less speculation since labor is effortlessly accessible in Indian economy.

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